The day Dingle lost it's name
On Easter Monday 2005 the Irish Government officially abolished the name Dingle.  The 2005 Place names Order
(backed up by the legislation of the 2002 Official Languages Act), decreed that henceforth Dingle shall no longer
have any legal force or effect, it must not appear in Acts of the Oireachtas, Statutory Declarations,  Ordinance
Survey Maps, Land Registry Maps or on any Local Authority road or street signposts.  The town is now officially
known as “An Daingean”.  The same Order granted equal status to the Irish and English Place name of all other
towns in Ireland, – outside the Gaeltacht.

Seven Hundred years of history, a multi million euro tourist based industry and the wishes and rights of the local
community were ignored at the behest of civil servants in The Department of the Gaeltacht and their Minister
Dingle obliterated off maps, road signs etc.
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Below is a good example of bureaucracy gone mad. The local county council was instructed by central goverment
to remove all reference to Dingle on it's road signs. So, anyone looking for Dingle will not find a single signpost
pointing to the town, they would have to follow signs to An Daingean which they may possibly never have heard of
and may not even be on their map. Click on any photo to enlarge, there may even be more scenery in some of the
Irish Road Sign 2 showing the name Dingle covered over
Irish Road Sign 3 showing the name Dingle covered over
Irish Road sign 4 showing the name Dingle covered over
Irish Road Sign 5 showing the name Dingle covered over
Irish Road sign 6 showing the name Dingle covered over
Irish Road sign close up showing outline of the name Dingle under the green tape
Irish Road Sign 7 with the name Dingle removed
Irish Road Sign 8 with the name Dingle Removed.
Irish Road Sign 1 with the name Dingle covered
Irish Road signs shown left and right with
the name Dingle removed. All that
remains is the now official town name of
"An Daingean". The people of the town
do not consider this to be it's real Irish
name. They voted approximately 1000 to
70 against this name and in favour of
the name "Daingean Ui Chuis" in a
plebiscite in which the results were made
known on 0ctober 20th 2006
On the left you can see another Irish
road sign with the name Dingle
removed. On the closeup on the right
you can make out the outline of the
word Dingle under the green tape.
Two more of our County Kerry road
signs with the name Dingle removed.
You can see on these they try to keep
the look of the old style individual road
signs but it's just plastic stickers on an
aluminium base.
Again left, right and below the name
Dingle taped over on these road signs.
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